Understanding Ourselves

and Others as Entrepreneurs


Understanding Ourselves

and Others as Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial activity has long been constrained within masculinist understandings of entrepreneurship. The image of an entrepreneur that comes to mind when thinking of entrepreneurial activity is that of a 35-year-old elite White heterosexual male in a well-cut suit. This is an image that women often find difficult to relate to (and often don’t wish to relate to) as it is a Western image of the contemporary dominant alpha male model of leadership. This flawed historical model of leadership continues to fuel our present day entrepreneurial projects.

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Women need to envision entrepreneurship differently especially with our increasing reliance on virtual realities and increasing complexity of everyday living.

How do we meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs who also think beyond the constraints of Western culture?

How do we recognise them?

How do we authenticate them for ourselves?

This workshop will address these questions to empower women to collaborate confidently and safely.

Workshop Options

Online – Online workshops are suitable for those women who are focused on their own personal and professional development. Online workshops are also suitable for women for whom the tyranny of distance is a significant barrier to their development. Online workshops include a couple of breakout sessions to allow for networking and possibilities for collaboration with like-minded people working on the same areas of professional development.

The cost of these two-hour workshops is $220 (limit of 15 people).

In person – these four-hour face-to-face workshops are the embodiment of female entrepreneurial intelligence as these events are preceded by relationship building with participants. This process is designed to produce a multiplier effect – workshop events that are embedded in a life-giving process that contribute to enriching the experience of the town’s people and the township itself in various ways. This is to say there are multiple benefits for the people and the towns in which these workshop events are conducted – benefits such as income, input, energies, connections, that come in from outside, contributing to the sustainability and spirit of the town. These workshops also offer a group zoom meeting two weeks following the event.

The cost for these workshops is $250 (limited to 25 people).

Group Workshops – these two-hour online workshops employ group learning, and are suitable for team building.

The cost for these workshops is $220 (includes a follow-up zoom meeting).

Community Forum – this forum are discussion groups where women share their concerns and celebrate their joy of achievement.

These groups provide opportunities for networking and these events are free of charge.

Other Workshops

Julie Mayne
Mayne Pastoral
QRRRWN Board Director

I have had the absolute pleasure in witnessing Cecily’s vision for our organisation come to fruition over the last three years. As an elected Director to the Board for Queensland’s Remote, Regional and Rural Women’s Network (QRRRWN) in charge of the Membership portfolio, Cecily’s ability to look into the future and address the needs of our members, as a futurist has set our organisation up as a progressive, communicative women’s network. Comprising of women from a range of localities, both rural and regional, and from diverse businesses enterprises such as agricultural and financial fields, Cecily also focused on women’s wellbeing, recognising their needs in these areas and making sure they were met.

Cecily has the uncanny ability to foresee areas that need attention and deliver workable methods to ensure the smooth running of our organisation, and its membership well into the future. Through her thoroughly written and well considered guidelines for the organisation, our future is strong.