Enabling Our Power in Positive Ways: Energy and Effective Leadership

Becoming aware of what power is and can be, is a necessary component of understanding and using our own power consciously, and in positive ways. We can mobilise power to heal, nurture, as well as build. Envisaging power and its part in constructing our realities is important if women are to enact authentic female entrepreneurial leadership in effective ways, to enact a multiplier effect – the ethical goal at the heart of female entrepreneurial intelligence. This workshop attends to these issues, bringing to participants a sense and understanding of the productiveness of their own power as well as assisting women leaders to be more conscious in their process of empowering others.

I have had the absolute pleasure in witnessing Cecily’s vision for our organisation come to fruition over the last three years. As an elected Director to the Board for Queensland’s Remote, Regional and Rural Women’s Network (QRRRWN) in charge of the Membership portfolio, Cecily’s ability to look into the future and address the needs of our members, as a futurist has set our organisation up as a progressive, communicative women’s network. Comprising of women from a range of localities, both rural and regional, and from diverse businesses enterprises such as agricultural and financial fields, Cecily also focused on women’s wellbeing, recognising their needs in these areas and making sure they were met.

Cecily has the uncanny ability to foresee areas that need attention and deliver workable methods to ensure the smooth running of our organisation, and its membership well into the future. Through her thoroughly written and well considered guidelines for the organisation, our future is strong.

Julie Mayne
Mayne Patoral
QRRRWN Board Director