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Our Leadership

Leadership is something that today continues to be thought of as static, as something you do or employ rather than a way of being in the world. Women are natural leaders, some would even believe that women are born that way. Whether women’s ‘natural’ leadership is nature or nurture, it is crucial to women’s psychosocial development that we are able to take up an authentic form of our leadership.

This workshop explores and identifies various ways in which female entrepreneurial leadership can be part of our approach to life, a form of authentic leadership as we strive to find opportunities to improve and add value to our home, work, business, and community life. This is a form of leadership that takes others with us on our ongoing journey of personal and professional development.

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Workshop Options

Online – Online workshops are suitable for those women who are focused on their own personal and professional development. Online workshops are also suitable for women for whom the tyranny of distance is a significant barrier to their development. Online workshops include a couple of breakout sessions to allow for networking and possibilities for collaboration with like-minded people working on the same areas of professional development.

The cost of these two-hour workshops is $220 (limit of 15 people).

In person – these four-hour face-to-face workshops are the embodiment of female entrepreneurial intelligence as these events are preceded by relationship building with participants. This process is designed to produce a multiplier effect – workshop events that are embedded in a life-giving process that contribute to enriching the experience of the town’s people and the township itself in various ways. This is to say there are multiple benefits for the people and the towns in which these workshop events are conducted – benefits such as income, input, energies, connections, that come in from outside, contributing to the sustainability and spirit of the town. These workshops also offer a group zoom meeting two weeks following the event.

The cost for these workshops is $250 (limited to 25 people).

Group Workshops – these two-hour online workshops employ group learning, and are suitable for team building.

The cost for these workshops is $220 (includes a follow-up zoom meeting).

Community Forum – this forum are discussion groups where women share their concerns and celebrate their joy of achievement.

These groups provide opportunities for networking and these events are free of charge.

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Rena MacLeod
University of Southern QLD

As a former mentee, and now as an adjunct supervisor, I have had the great fortune of experiencing Cecily’s exceptional ability to mentor others to excel in ways far exceeding their imaginings. During my own PhD candidature, Cecily provisioned me with the skills and vision to withstand a difficult and often despairing doctoral journey.

Not only did her guidance and wisdom enable me to endure with my project and accomplish a highly sophisticated thesis, but, more profoundly, they facilitated a deep evolution of self. I came to value myself and the uniqueness of my personal story and experiences. And I came to value how these elements intersect with my personal power to think innovatively and to live confidently and joyfully in ways that honour my authentic energies and personhood. To walk such a journey with Cecily, is to come to earnestly desire to enable such empowerment for other women. Such is the special reach of Cecily’s formation and vision of others who take up the opportunity to learn from her guidance.