The journey of awakening for women is one that does not necessarily stop at the point of understanding and overcoming barriers to our way forward.

It can be more than being a journey of confronting ways and beliefs that hold us back from flourishing. In its greater dimension, the journey of awakening for women can be understood as a journey of adventure that awakens us to life….awakening us to the mystery of life where we can experience a greater fulness of life for ourselves, for those around us, contributing to greater flourishing for our communities.

Kathryn Walton as an entrepreneurial leader and businessperson is an awakening woman who guides and supports other women in their adventure of awakening.  This is her story…

Kathryn writes:

As a new graduate Social Worker thrown into the world of child protection many moons ago, I knew my pathway lay in another direction. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do in my professional life apart from a vague idea about making a difference in the world. I knew my calling was not in the state government department I was working in. Nor did I sense it was in the mental health sector or in the world of business which university and my life experience thus far had failed to prepare me for. Or so it seemed at the time!

 Now I often reflect and think how strange it is that my winding professional journey eventually led me to do the work I never thought I would, or could do. This journey set the foundation for a whole world of new opportunities. Having noticed a gap in local services that left many families unsupported, I hesitantly set up my own private mental health counselling practice in 2005. Gradually I found my feet in the small business community and branched out to meet other gaps – mental health training for community organisations, therapeutic groups and retreats for women, workplace consultation, and more recently bush adventure programs.

 It’s in the nature space of bush adventure and women’s retreats that my creativity really grows and flows and it’s where I’m spending most of my time these days. I’m drawn instinctively towards the healthy choices we can make for ourselves; for our whole selves – our physical bodies as well as our minds, hearts and spirits. Through bush adventures which challenge us and in quieter, reflective moments on retreats, the women who join me connect wholeheartedly with nature, with each other, and with their inner selves. They discover the power within to make choices moment to moment based on their individual needs and values. Tapping into this power makes a world of difference to the lives of these women, and in turn they are also empowered to make a difference in their own families, communities and workplaces. My business is the medium that enables and inspires this ongoing process of innovation and creation. It enables me to live a life aligned with my values where adventure, well-being and curiosity are central. The journey has been an adventure in itself, and the best part of it is witnessing the difference this makes to my world.

I have had the absolute pleasure in witnessing Cecily’s vision for our organisation come to fruition over the last three years. As an elected Director to the Board for Queensland’s Remote, Regional and Rural Women’s Network (QRRRWN) in charge of the Membership portfolio, Cecily’s ability to look into the future and address the needs of our members, as a futurist has set our organisation up as a progressive, communicative women’s network. Comprising of women from a range of localities, both rural and regional, and from diverse businesses enterprises such as agricultural and financial fields, Cecily also focused on women’s wellbeing, recognising their needs in these areas and making sure they were met.

Cecily has the uncanny ability to foresee areas that need attention and deliver workable methods to ensure the smooth running of our organisation, and its membership well into the future. Through her thoroughly written and well considered guidelines for the organisation, our future is strong.

Julie Mayne
Mayne Pastoral
QRRRWN Board Director